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Your People are our Business

The slogan goes ‘Train Hard, Play Easy’ and when you have got your all-star team in place that is exactly what we recommend. We work to support you with developing all-round leaders who are on your side and help you deliver your plan to win.

In the same way we encourage you to recruit to a mindset and not a skillset, we work with leaders either individually or collectively to develop their mindset and build resilience – which every experienced business leader will know are collectively the two most important assets you can have in a post-Covid 19 world.

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Your Journey up the Ladder

Ladders are a recurring theme, as everything they do is about incrementally climbing and building on what has gone before. Ironically, Steve used to climb actual ladders in the decade he spent as a retained Firefighter and Kate has written a book all about her experiences in her corporate career which is called ‘Ladder Climbing in High Heels’.

We are passionate about helping people on their journey up the ladder, whether that is a business owner or an aspirational Manager. Through one-to-one mentoring and leadership training which combines theory into practice, they take people through the steps they need to grow and achieve their goals.

By getting to know your business strategy and culture, we tailor their development sessions so that the leaders deliver to your own vision and values.

We offer both ‘Future’ and ‘Senior’ leadership development programmes, working with groups of leaders to help them build their skills across the breadth of strategic business direction, including change management, resilience, goal setting, coaching, communication and collaboration.

By getting to know your business strategy and culture, we tailor our development sessions so that the leaders deliver to your own vision and set of values/behaviours.

Both groups share development sessions in Mindset, Resilience, Communication skills and Goal setting.

In addition, Future Leaders are trained in Motivation, Coaching skills, Performance Management and Leadership Roles and Responsibilities. Senior Leaders focus on Talent Management, Change Management, Strategy development and Managing Resources.

All of the training combines theory with practical examples of how other businesses do things. Finally, we like to make it a fun learning experience for the participants and fully interactive to ensure that it gets embedded into your ways of working.

Meet the Team

The team consists of Kate Cousens and Steve Lloyd – both of whom have extensive leadership experience themselves and successfully climbed the ladder in their respective careers. Now they help other ambitious business leaders to do the same, offering both ‘Future’ and ‘Senior’ leadership development programmes alongside their business advisory offer.

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Meet Steve Lloyd

As a seasoned business owner with a wide-ranging experience across operations, transformation and culture change implementation, Steve has led large teams of people through growth. Steve is an expert in developing business leadership skills and strategy which impact on business profitability. Here’s how he likes to help businesses succeed:

Being highly skilled in business generation, Steve is a visionary leader who gets a kick from identifying and supporting the leaders of tomorrow.

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Meet Kate Cousens

As a senior reputation management and communications specialist with 20+ years expertise, Kate has a wide range of experience leading corporate teams and managing the reputation of household name brands. She is a business leadership and management specialist whose warm and open approach achieves positive results. Kate is well-versed in employee engagement, as well as coaching leaders with their personal communication and impact.

This is what makes Kate tick:

Kate is passionate about people development and is happiest when she is helping an individual to achieve their potential.

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