Things to Think About Before Considering Your Next Move

November 08, 2023

Things to Think About Before Considering Your Next Move

Are you at a crossroads in your career, pondering whether it's time to pack your bags and make a fresh start in 2024?

It's a decision many of us face at some point in our working lives. The prospect of a fresh start can be incredibly enticing, but before you take the plunge into the unknown, there are things you need to consider.

Here’s a few things to start thinking about before you make any life changing decisions;

 1. Self-Reflection is Key

Before you even start browsing job boards or updating your CV, it's essential to take some time for self-reflection. What are your career goals, values, and priorities? What motivates you, and what are your strengths and weaknesses? Think about where you want to be in one, five, or even ten years. Your current job might offer the potential to evolve in the direction you desire, but without self-awareness, you might overlook this opportunity.

2. Assess Your Current Job

Understanding why you want to leave your current job is just as crucial as knowing where you want to go. Are you unhappy with your boss, colleagues, or is it the company culture? Is it the work itself that no longer excites you? By pinpointing the specific reasons behind your dissatisfaction, you can better evaluate whether a job move will truly address these issues.

3. Networking Matters

In today's job market, it's not just about what you know but who you know. Leverage your professional network to learn about job opportunities and company cultures. Reach out to friends, mentors, and colleagues for advice and potential job leads. Sometimes, the perfect job can be found through a referral or by building connections in your industry.

4. Research Potential Employers

Once you've identified potential employers or job openings, research them thoroughly. What's their company culture like? Are they financially stable? What opportunities for career growth do they offer? Read reviews, follow their social media accounts, and connect with current or former employees on LinkedIn to get a sense of what it's really like to work there.

5. Think Long-Term

A job change should align with your long-term career goals. Will this new position offer you opportunities to grow, learn, and develop professionally? While a pay raise or better benefits may be appealing in the short term, it's important to think about how this change fits into the bigger picture of your journey.

6. Financial Considerations

While money isn't the sole driver of job satisfaction, it's undoubtedly a factor to consider. (especially in the current climate). Evaluate the financial implications of changing jobs, including potential salary changes, benefits, and any costs associated with the move itself. Be sure you have a clear financial plan in place to manage the transition smoothly.

7. Work-Life Balance

Consider how a job change might affect your work-life balance. Does the new position require more or less time commitment? Does it involve a commute or more travel? Assess how it aligns with your personal life and responsibilities outside of work.

8. Embrace Change Gradually

If you've decided that a job move is the right choice, try to embrace change gradually. Consider part-time work or freelance opportunities in your desired field before making a full-time transition. This can help you gain experience and confidence in your new direction.

9. Seek Advice and Support

Changing jobs is a significant life decision, and it's perfectly normal to seek advice and support from friends, family, or a specialist recruiter that works in your space. Discuss your thoughts and concerns with people you trust, as they may provide valuable insights and emotional support.

10. Be Patient and Open-Minded

Last but not least, be patient and open-minded during your job search. The perfect opportunity may not materialise overnight, so stay persistent and flexible in your approach. It's a journey, and sometimes the path to your dream job takes a few detours.

Remember that changing jobs is a significant step that should be taken with careful consideration. By thinking through these key factors, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your career aspirations and personal well-being.

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Happy job hunting!

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