Why you might be struggling to recruit in the current market

June 06, 2022

Why you might be struggling to recruit in the current market

The world has changed and as we come out of the pandemic the recruitment landscape has changed forever making it harder than ever for businesses to recruit and retain top talent in their business.

A conversation we have with businesses right now is how challenging it is to fill open vacancies and quickly with some businesses spending months and months trying to source the right candidates, only for them to leave months later.

If you’re struggling to recruit right now, then here may be the reasons why;

  • The job advert is talking about what you want “we are looking for…. blah,blah,blah”. Start writing your advert with the potential employee in mind using phrases such as “are you looking for?”
  • You aren’t selling the reasons why someone would want to join your business. Whether that’s development, culture, progression etc. etc. shout about it from the rooftops, get someone’s attention.
  • Is the salary and package attractive? Times have changed, candidates have choice and are in demand so you need to ensure what you’re offering is market rate and will attract the right caliber of candidate.
  • Flexible working! Sorry but if you are not talking about and offering some form of flexible working then you will struggle to attract anyone. We know people want flexibility now so offer it where and how you can.
  • Working arrangements. This is huge. We are seeing very few candidates wanting to work in an office 5 days a week. People want hybrid working where possible, this being one of the main reasons we are seeing people leave their current organisation after leadership actions such as Elon Musk “return to the office or leave”

This is the reality in the current marketplace, if you want to recruit you need to be competitive and attractive to potential employees.

You have to be the best if you want to attract the best.

If you need further help with your recruitment strategy, then our £97 recruitment audit may just be what you need to get on track to attracting the best candidates in your market.

Game changer!

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