Making your recruitment process inclusive, diversifying your workforce and increasing your profitability

February 10, 2021

Making your recruitment process inclusive, diversifying your workforce and increasing your profitability

There are over 30,000 recruitment agencies registered as trading in the U.K. but many of them remain largely inaccessible to those underrepresented in the labour market, including women and candidates who are BAME, disabled or have other protected characteristics as well as candidates whose life experience prevent them from findings jobs they love including care and prison leavers, domestic violence survivors and the homeless community.


Because so many recruiters just don’t have diversity on the brief or they do, but they view diversity through the narrowest of lenses or simply don’t know how to go about attracting diverse talent

We have partnered with the team @ Radical Recruit to drive a diverse recruitment process for our clients. We employ a values led approach to sourcing talent and represent both those who are underrepresented in the labour market alongside those from our “mainstream” talent pool; enabling disadvantaged candidates a fair and equal opportunity.

People from these marginalised communities have enormous potential but the sad reality is that their potential is overlooked because they are viewed through a lens of mistrust; perceived as antisocial or lacking skills to secure and sustain meaningful paid employment. Subsequently, candidates are refused access to the labour market and discarded on a talent scrap heap; denied the opportunity to become contributing and valued members of society.

This is a waste of life. This is bad for business. This is detrimental to the UK economy.

We are now working with Radical Recruit to bridge the gap between this untapped pool of talent and the business world.

What does this mean for you, our clients?

  • You have a true inclusive recruitment process and D&I strategy
  • You diversify your workforce
  • You have a more creative, effective and happier workforce
  •  You become more profitable for it!

We will work with our clients to meet their CSR & D&I commitments and create genuine social value through the provision of recruitment, consultancy, training, facilitation, experiential learning, social impact marketing, brand alignment and corporate volunteering services.

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