Why now is the time to invest in a recruitment partner

January 18, 2021

Why now is the time to invest in a recruitment partner

For businesses looking to thrive this year then the key element is people. Getting the right people in the right roles is fundamental for any business to operate with or without you in it. As businesses have become leaner as a result of COVID-19 it’s no longer about having a person in a role, it’s about having the best person in that role that adds value to your business.

So, the question is how do you find amazing people for your business?

You need a strategy, and you need to be clear exactly what you’re looking for and how you will find them. This in itself can be overwhelming and therefore as everything in your business, if you’re not the expert in this area or have the skill set within your existing team then you need to outsource it.

As with outsourcing anything in your business make sure you find the right partner for you. It’s a two-way process, the more you invest in the relationship the more you will get out of it. Working with a recruitment partner exclusively is the way to ensure you secure the best talent on the market.

Why do our clients work with us exclusively?

Quality of Work

It’s a fact that if we are guaranteed to get paid for the work, we complete then of course we will naturally work harder and provide a better level of service.


When you work with us exclusively you are guaranteed to get our full commitment, we go above and beyond to deliver. We work around the clock to find solutions.

Full Commitment

You have full access to our wealth of industry knowledge and experience in order for us to advise and guide you throughout the process. We can add value and solve problems enabling you to continue with your day job, taking away the headache of recruitment.

Expertise and Advice

We aren’t your traditional recruiter with a one size fits all approach, we offer flexible solutions supporting them with some or all of the recruitment process. We aim to disrupt the traditional ways of recruiting by utilizing digital innovation. We use the latest video software enabling us to complete 1st stage interviews on behalf of our clients enabling them to see the true personality behind the CV, meaning they only meet candidates they know would be a great fit for their business.


We act as an extension to you and get to know you and your business inside out, so we know exactly what you are looking for. We become your brand ambassador promoting you as an employer of choice and protecting your brand.

Our clients want a consultative, value added and professional service that solves their problems.

Unfortunately, we are in an industry that is undervalued (by some) which has resulted in transactional recruiters that just fire CV’s out to anyone and everyone hoping something will stick with little or no effort. Sadly, for them they will for sure struggle in the “new normal”. If you want to engage with various recruiters and pay low fees, then unfortunately we are definitely not the right agency for you.

What’s that saying, “pay less, pay twice”?!

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