Why you need to engage with a great recruitment partner NOW

June 22, 2020

Why you need to engage with a great recruitment partner NOW

The reality is that 3 months ago most businesses pressed the pause button and recruitment was put on hold. We are now in a position whereby the economy is desperate to get moving again and businesses have had to reflect and readjust their business and indeed their people strategy moving forward. And, the reality is great people are still needed for businesses to recover and grow. The reality is it takes on average 3 months to fill a job role and for anyone that thinks it will be easy now the market is buoyant then think again. You still need to find the needle in the haystack, right now that’s harder than ever with the number of applications rising week on week.

When I speak to clients you can guarantee they all have a story to tell about their experiences of a recruitment agency. Some good, some bad. Reluctantly they’ve spent money and lost money. They’ve hired and they’ve fired. Ultimately their perception of a recruiter is someone who just filters CV's and sends them over to a client with no discussion or engagement and reluctantly they pay a fee for it.

Let me tell you now, that is not a recruitment partner. We work with clients mostly on a retainer or exclusive basis because of what they get from having us as a recruitment partner....

• We take time to invest in getting to the root of your business and culture, digging deep on the organisation, job roles and why candidates would want to work for you

• You get our full commitment on attracting the best candidates for your role, it’s not about the fastest finger first. We go above and beyond to find the right candidate from targeting both the active and passive market

• The responsibility of filling this crucial role sits with us and us alone, we go above and beyond to ensure the role is filled

• We focus on quality rather than quantity, it’s not about volume of CVs (you can do that by advertising yourself), its about shortlisting great talent

• Allows us to strategically plan to ensure effective talent acquisition utilising various methods

• We are able to take time to fully qualify and interview candidates which in turn means the candidates that are shortlisted are suitable, and even better you will always receive a video alongside their CV taking the 1st stage interview away

• You save time by knowing we do the leg work and trust that the candidates submitted are worth seeing which in turn saves you meeting unsuitable candidates 

• Your brand image and employer branding will be enhanced, and the candidate experience will represent you and your business, ultimately making you an employer of choice

In simple, we act as an extension to your business and add real value which in turn saves you time and money whilst securing the best talent. We don’t work with anyone; we work with employers of choice who represent similar values to ourselves. We don’t compete with other agencies, that’s not for us. We take time to put appropriate strategies in place to find you the best talent - that will consist of researching our database, utilising our network, creating advertising campaigns and searching the passive market. We don’t have a one size fits all approach, as a partner we have various solutions depending on the hire and how much or little we need to be involved in the process. A solution that’s right for YOU. And there’s no need to be nervous as we are that confident in our ability, we offer a full money back guarantee.

That’s the difference between working with several recruitment agencies and investing in a recruitment partner. If you are considering key hires in the next 3-6 months, then you need to start building relationships with a great recruiter now. Get in touch with the team today on 0333 888 4048.


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