We are excited to launch an Applicant Tracking System for our clients

August 22, 2019

We are excited to launch an Applicant Tracking System for our clients

We are excited to announce we have now launched an Applicant Tracking System as part of our service offering in order to enable our clients to manage all their vacancies and candidate videos in one place to allow an effective and efficient process ensuring a great candidate experience.

For the last 2 years we have utilised video software to register candidates and send videos of candidates directly to hiring managers alongside their CV which in turn reduces their time to hire. The ATS system now sits alongside the same system allowing clients to manage everything in one place rather than paying for an external ATS system.

Marie Piercy, our Managing Director explains why this is revolutionising the way our clients recruit….

“We have been utilising video software as part of our core process for the last 2 years which enables clients to spend less time recruiting unsuitable candidates. Having completed recruitment consultations with businesses throughout the North West over the last few months it became apparent that clients are still spending too much time using traditional and long-winded methods to fill their vacancies. Many of which are spending time sifting CV’s often from different agencies and other sources which in turn was making the recruitment process timely and costly. This can also make the process inconsistent and inefficient which in turn impacts the overall candidate experience. We have therefore implemented an ATS system which works as part of our video software and enables clients to manage all vacancies and candidates in the one place.

This turns the traditional recruitment methods on its head and adds real value to the clients we work with, not only do they get to see a video of each shortlisted candidate to enable them to see the personality behind every CV, they also get an ATS as part of the service we offer saving them time and money whilst streamlining their entire recruitment process.”

Over the last 2 years we have used the advancements in technology to offer our clients the latest innovative solutions and this is just another example of how we can offer a complete recruitment solution to clients across the North West.

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