How will you attract the best talent for your business in 2019?

January 27, 2019

How will you attract the best talent for your business in 2019?

It has recently been reported that there are currently around 837,000 live vacancies in the UK, the highest since 2001. So, companies are going into 2019 with confidence and are looking to secure new talent. Therefore with 76% of people currently in work the question has to be, how will you attract the best talent for your business in 2019?

We all know it is a candidate led market which means you have to attract candidates to your business and give them reason to join you rather than going to one of your competitors. Don’t be fooled that it’s all about the salary, it’s not. Yes, the salary is relevant but that’s not the main reason candidates move jobs. It’s about the bigger picture stuff, what can you offer they can’t get with their current employer; flexible working, progression and development opportunities, benefits package? 

Candidates will check out your business online and want to know what previous employees have to say about your organisation, they’ll want to know what values the business has and that you put your people first. 

So, when looking for the right people for your business you need to give thought to the above and start by putting together an attractive proposition that gets candidates attention and excited about the opportunity of working for your business. 

We work as a recruitment partner for our clients which means much more than just finding a bum for a seat. We work with them in order to create the adverts, analyse the market, complete competitor analysis and then ultimately search and attract the active and passive market for their next superstar.

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